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Maxell HP-NC22.OH-BK.MEL Stereo Noise Canceling Headphones phones
Maxell HP-NC22.OH-BK.MEL Stereo Noise Canceling Headphones € 99,00

Noise Canceling Headphones

  • Noise-canceling technology reduces ambient noise, making a more comfortable and quiet listening experience.
  • High quality, closed-ear style headphone with a wide-mouth 40mm diameter driver unit makes you feel like you're right there.
  • Powerful neodymium magnet reduces magetic distortion, providing clear, high qulaity sound
  • Collapsible design provides for convenient carrying and storage
  • Includes a travel pouch for storage of collapsed headphones
  • Includes an airplane plug adaptor (dual 3.5mm plug


    Type Closed Ear
    Driver unit 40 mm Diameter
    Impedance 32Ω
    Sensitivity 99dB/mW (with power on), 102dB/mW (with power off)
    Frequency Response 20 ~ 20.000Hz
    Ambient Noise Suppression Frequency Range 60 ~ 520Hz
    Suppressible Ambient Noise Level Approx. 22dB or higher (at 200Hz)
    Power Source AAA Batteries (1.5V)
    Weight Approx. 230g (with AAA battery installed)
    Battery Life AAA Alkaline Battery; approx. 40 hrs. (when using Maxell Dynamic Alkaline Battery)
    Included Accessories Travel Pouch (1), Accessory Case (1), AAA Alkaline Battery (for Monitor Use (1),
    Connector Cord (Gold-Plated Stereo Mini Plug: 0.5m x 1), Extension Cord (Gold-Plated Stereo Mini Plug: 1.0m x 1),

    Airplane Adaptor Plug (1), Gold-Plated Plug Adaptor (Stereo Standard Plug Stereo Mini Plug) (1)
    Maxell HP-NC22.OH-BK.MEL Stereo Noise Canceling Headphones box
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